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Great mobile site from Mandarin Oriental

In General on June 16, 2010 at 08:01

Saw this earlier today, a great implementation of a mobile site from Mandarin Oriental. They’ve moved beyond the standard, stripped-down mobile site, to give something that has a lot more branding, with a clean design and great images.

Mandarin Oriental - home page

The home screen is simple, focusing on finding a hotel.

Mandarin Oriental - location page

Clicking ‘Find the nearest hotel’ gives an alert asking to use your current location — something which is normally found only in iPhone apps.

Mandarin Oriental - hotel page

The hotel home screen is again simple, with a few key choices — Book Now, Call Hotel (which offers to call the hotel directly on an iPhone), View Map (opens the Maps application on an iPhone), and Photo Gallery.

The site is a pleasure to use,  every detail is well thought out, and the site keeps on rewarding the user. This sets the standard for mobile web sites in hospitality.

Anthony Green – June 2010

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