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Websites: The Curse of Stale Content

In General on September 23, 2010 at 21:30

Websites: The Curse of Stale ContentOne of the first things that I try to persuade clients about is the need to be able to update their website themselves — there’s no point having to send changes to a webmaster or agency, something that could take days.

Most clients see the value in this, but keeping the content fresh, that’s a different matter.

Why is fresh content important?
#1 – Shows potential guests that you care
If a potential guest goes to a site and the last update was a year ago, it’s only natural for them to question whether the business is still operating. After they’ve found your site, don’t implant the seeds of doubt.

#2 – Tells Google you’re still alive
One of the key factors that Google takes into account is the ‘freshness’ of content. This affects many things, the most important of which are how often Google comes to check your site, and the importance Google places on your content.

#3 – Trains your visitors
A visitor that thinks the content will change frequently, will come back to the site more frequently. This Allows you to add time sensitive offers, and comment on current vents that affect your business, among other things

What kind of content should I be adding?
Don’t make the mistake of only adding press releases, staff changes, etc. Customers aren’t interested in that! Local information, offers, stories that give a flavour of the personality of the property and the staff.

How can i make sure that content in fresh?
Create a calendar, which lists the days you will post new content. Plan what kind of content you will post on each ,day, and who will post it. Add story lines or ideas, and build them up when you have a few minutes free. This planning means that you are more likely to be producing interesting, effective content on a regular basis.

So, make use of the content management system, no excuses, get on with it!

Anthony Green – September 2010

  1. Anthony,

    Your point is right on. How many times do need to read a brochure – once. A web site is no different, just an electronic version of one. The solution in my humble opinion is incorporating a blog into your site.

    You don’t have to post everyday, but say once a week would get both customers and targeted prospects back to your site on a regular basis … hopefully at the time when they need your services.

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